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Appeals court overturns Alabama's gay-sex ban

When I first read this, I read it as same-sex marriage ban, not same-sex sex act.  This is sooooo far behind the times that I was a little taken aback.  But forward is forward.  Let’s get it, Alabama! 

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Former UGA Safety Tray Matthews Transferring to Auburn



Tray Matthews, the recently-dismissed safety from the University of Georgia, will be an Auburn Tiger.

Matthews tweeted after he was dismissed that Auburn or Louisville would be his next school: 

After a few visits to Auburn, Gus Malzahn decided to give Matthews a second chance. 

Matthews was a highly-regarded safety prospect from the 2013 class. According to, he was the #5 safety in the nation and the 44th-best overall player in the country. 

He was able to get significant playing time as a true freshman, appearing in eight games, making 36 tackles, intercepting one pass, and forcing a fumble. 

Auburn fans may remember him from a certain play…


I’m not even going to lie, that’s kind of awkward.

Sure, it was more Josh Harvey-Clemons’ fault for knocking the ball out of Matthews’ hands. Still, Matthews was a part of that play. 

Either way, he’s a talented player that could definitely help Auburn’s defense in the future.

Matthews had some off-the-field issues at UGA which ultimately led to his dismissal. That may concern some Auburn fans. To that, I say: Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, etc. I trust Gus Malzahn’s judgement, and giving players second chances has worked out pretty well before. 

Tray Matthews will likely have to sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules, but he will be eligible for the 2015 season. 

Thanks for reading, and War Eagle.

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University Of Alabama Student Government Votes To Leave All-White Sororities Alone

The problem here, as far as my understanding, is that a girl was denied from all 16 traditionally white sororities.  Since this made national news, 23 WoC have accepted bids from traditionally white sororities. 

I thi
nk the reason the student senators left it alone was both because of that last tidbit (not that it corrects the situation) and because it would have left them in an awkward place when it comes to the traditionally minority Greeks. Would they be forced to integrate? They were founded BECAUSE PoC were excluded from Greek life back in the day. 

And Greek life is a HUGE thing Down South. In my experience, it’s vastly different than it is in other parts of the country. Tennessee is not a Greek run school, yet 40% of our student body is Greek. At the same time, 95% of the PoC that are Greek here are in minority organizations. 

So I can’t say I blame the SGA for not touching it out of fear they make it worse. Now, I don’t know that was their motivation; I can only hope it was in the right place. But I hope this national spotlight helps Bama resolve the solution.

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SPLC challenges Alabama’s unconstitutional Marriage Protection Act and Sanctity of Marriage Amendment | Southern Poverty Law Center

It’s comin, y’all! And once several Southern states (or maybe red states in general) have had their marriage equality bans overturned, which is already happening and inevitable, I honestly see an amendment at the federal level protecting LGBTQ folks.  It’s just a matter of time. 

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Alabama Hospitals To Pregnant Women – "Sorry, honey, we won’t help you here." | American Civil Liberties Union

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Why the South Fell Apart in the Snow

The author’s point is only further proven that people not from the South, or that haven’t lived here for an extended period of time, just don’t get. And never will. As the post says, we have no reason to have heavy snow equipment and we aren’t used to driving in this kind of weather. It’s more than a single issue and it’s so tiring to have Yankees commenting on Southern issues, in general. I just wish they’d stop moving down here and then complaining about everything, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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Surprise! Alabama Town Accidentally Invites Black Drag Queens to Perform in Christmas Parade

Semmes, Alabama is a town of some 3,000 mostly white and conservative people located just outside of Mobile, Alabama. The town puts on an annual Christmas parade that is organized by a group called Friends of Semmes, and this year, the group unwittingly invited some guests that they apparently did not vet so well, considering the audience that the guests would be performing for.

Those guests were none other than the Prancing Elites, a group of five young black men from Mobile who happen to be gay. They have been around since 2006 and were formed in part because males were not allowed to audition for the dance teams in their schools. Their style of dance is called “j-setting”, a form of cheerleader style hip hop. It also happens to be, according to the Prancing Elites Kickstarter page, very popular in southern black gay nightclubs.

So with all of this in mind, you can imagine that when the Prancing Elites showed up for the Semmes, Alabama Christmas parade to perform, dressed in skimpy Santa Claus outfits and wearing makeup, that their act was going to go over like a lead balloon.

Prancing Elites leader Kentrell Collins said: “We are no different than any team out there dancing. We want people to stop looking at gender and focus on the talent,” he said. “It’s OK for a woman to put on tights and play football but when a man wants to put on leotard and tights, it’s a problem.”

Viva Prancing Elites and their courage to perform in defiance of bigotry!

these group members are so elegant, in handling the pure hatred coming toward them. definitely watch the video of their dancing and their interview, linked in the title.

dance on *s

Can you imagine being a tiny queerby and realize who was dancing down your street at the annual christmas parade?

Can you imagine for the first time in your life seeing people who were THEMSELVES dancing down the street at you?

Can you imagine how that would feel, knowing for the first time, you weren’t alone? 

(via austro-nesian)

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Anonymous asked: I don't know which fan base is more bitter alabama or Missouri but either way they are both representing the sec, there schools, and even state in a bad way. Why can't some fans just handle a loss and another teams win with class?


I’m break this down into two parts.

Missouri: I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that they’re classless from? From what I’ve seen so far, they are very classy and have handled the loss with grace and dignity befitting of an SEC team. 

They’re a great team that played a great game. I’m glad of we got a team that pushed us to our limit and made us earn our win. 

Alabama: Ah yes….the most hated rival Auburn has. Unfortunately, they have the most interesting fanbase. They have a fanbase in which the majority of fans DID NOT go to the University of Alabama. And they have proven themselves to be very very very passionate about their Team. 

BUT…I want to say this. I don’t believe them to be representative of Alabama. The people who actually went to the school are the real representatives. They have class, they poise, and they have grace. 

They do have quite a few vocal people that are just downright disgusting. But any reasonable fan of ANY NCAA football team will recognize that they’re an extreme and unrepresentative of what Alabama truly is. 

Every school has them. Auburn has them, UGA has them, Ole Miss has them! Just remember, they don’t represent the school. 

The problem with that is that they do represent the school. When someone sees a fan, more likely than not, they’re gonna see one of those insane Alabama fans. Tennessee has a large fanbase where the majority didn’t attend the school, and even have a few crazies, but not to the degree that Bama seems to. It’s so disgraceful to the SEC, and the South in general, when people act like they have no home trainin.

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